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Some Dogs Just Wish They Were An Only Pet, Proving Through 30 Photos

16. “I also want to take a bath in this bath tub? When is my turn?”

17. “My human brother and I take a bath together but mom keeps caring for him. I’m a baby, a very big baby, too.”

18. “This guy doesn’t find it guilty. I’m his friend, not his chair or sofa.”

19. “Where is my food? I also want some.”

20. “Do you find something wrong with the way you sit? You’re so annoying.”

21. “You’re enough. I don’t want to play with you now.”

22. “Do you think who you are? You are getting me mad, guy.”

23. “You, get out of her lap! It’s mine.”

24. “Such an annoying guy!”

25. “Mom, I’m enough with my brother. He is stupid and annoying.”

26. “I’m ruling her to let her know that who is the boss in this family.

27. “Oh, she is my younger sister and I still find a way to get along well with her.”

28. “Sometimes I just wish that I were an only pet in our family.”

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