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Dog Mom Eventually Finds Her Forever Family After More Than 400 Days In The Shelter

Every dog is a good dog. They deserve to have a happy family where they are truly loved and cared for. But not all has that luck. Some have been waiting in the shelter for months, while some are abandoned or abused by their old owners. Some even couldn’t wait until someone comes to help them. It hurts when reading these stories.

Lola, a stray pooch and young mother of six in today’s story is a lucky one. She went through stress and trauma in the past (abandoned and living in the “wild” street) but now she is given a second chance for happy life. The dog finds her forever home in Mesa, Arizona.

Lola is 2 years old. She lived in a shelter with her 6 babies for more than 400 days. She and her six puppies was originally brought to the Humane Society of Wickenburg in September of 2019.

The young doggo mother continued to raise her kids in the shelter and happily watched each of them, one by one, finding their new home. She patiently waited here for her turn.

But the staff in the shelter never thought the dog had to wait for so long to get adopted. “After 400+ days and more than half her life spent at HSW, Lola was transferred to the Arizona Humane Society through the Project Reachout Program in hopes that a change of scenery would help her finally find her forever home.”, Kelsey Dickerson of the Humane Society shared.

Lola ended up staying in the shelter for over 400 days—much more than most other dogs. She used to be a caring mother and an adorable dog (as she always).

To help Lola have more chances to get a new home, they transferred her to another shelter in Phoenix, Arizona through Arizona Humane Society’s (AHS) Project Reachout Program. The aim of the program is to save lives of pets by working together with other shelters and it has helped more than 870 pets to find their new home.

The program brought smiles to Lola again. She was adopted within less than 24 hours.

Currently, the dog is living with her new family in Mesa, Arizona. Like her six puppers, the young mother also gets adopted. Hope that she enjoys living there and we’re looking forward to hearing more interesting news from her.

“Lola is a sweet, loving, happy pup who adores every single person she meets instantly. Young, energetic, and playful, this sweet girl loves to romp around with other pups who are just as spirited as she is and enjoys cuddling with her favorite humans any chance she gets! Although she is very playful, Lola is great with kids and is as smart as she is cute!” Kelsey shared.

You can watch the video of Lola playing with staff in the shelter below.

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