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Proud Owners Are Showing Their Beloved Pets Who Possess Modelling Talent

Like humans, pets can possess a variety of talents. While we are so familiar with pets being good actors or cats being talented mouse catchers, we might not know that many pets can be gifted at posing, or professional modelling. Needless to say, modelling is not an easy career which requires its employees to work under high pressures and improve themselves to fit its increasing standards. When a person can survive in a highly competitive modelling market, it’s clear that they are so proud of themselves.

These owners also take pride in their talented model pets, and we have collected twenty pictures that they shared on social media. We are sure that you will be impressed by these gifted furry friends and love them even more.

Let’s take time to enjoy!

#1. Nala and Khaleesi, the two Bengal cats, look highly fashionable!

Image: thebengalqueens

#2. “My dog posing at sunset on his first camping/canoe trip”

Image: armink98

#3. “Standard issue cat posing with his standard issue beans out”

Image: Luke_Warmwater

#4. “My dog posing at the beach”

Image: JocoLCM19

#5. When you like to pose and the light is just right????

Image: portosialbulet

#6. Those gestures are just perfect for this photoshoot!

Image: blonditcatit

#7. I think both these boys look so dapper, model Kornbread and his friend Jaycee.

Image: picyrworld

#8. “You be the Mickey ❤️ and I’ll be your Minnie ❤️ and we’ll wish everyone a happy teeny tot! ????????”

Image: rodneyandmabel_the_cavapoos

#9. “My 4 rescue cats posing for an album cover. Each one has a unique story”

Image: mdfcw

#10. “Puzzle looks so cute in her prairie dog pose”

Image: Niink

#11. “My dog posing for a pic. He knows how to make himself more photogenic “

Image: JoFknLines

#12. She looks so cool!

Image: Great_Bumblebee_1371

#13. “I hope you enjoy this photo of my dog posing exactly like Harry.”

Image: liz_lemon27

#14. Wow! A princess!

Image: joanna_dhollowoak

#15. She has posing talent, right?

Image: bonaparteofbordentown

#16. Beautiful eyes, perfect smile, and good posing. She is just like a model.

Image: blanc.a.the.cat

#17.This pictures looks great!

Image: trixie.and.friends

#18. I love her facial expressions in this picture!

Image: emma.thebordercollie

#19.  Who is the model in this pic?

#20. She knows how to create a good picture with her acting friend!

Image: adventures_of_klaus_the_gsd


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