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A Box Of Puppuccino Is Enough To Make Shelter Dog’s Day, Showing In 15 Photos

Fancy doggy treats can always drive your dogs crazy. They are lovely surprises, so are enough to brighten up their day, especially those who have been waiting for adoption. This post goes for this thing. It’s about the adorable reactions of shelter dogs to boxes of “puppuccinos” that a woman gives them. Keep scrolling down to know more!

To comfort dogs that are finding a forever home, one Facebook user named Blaise Landry from Marrero, Louisiana decided to give them pretty little gifts. A couple of boxes of puppuccinos. Can you guess how these shelter dogs react to surprising treat? They just love it very very much. It really makes their day.

These loving doggie treats are actually whipped cream with a fun name. They’re made specially for dogs, having no coffee, tea, or caffeine of any kind. They are absolutely healthy for dogs.

Blaise met up with one of her friends at their local Starbucks on Manhattan Blvd. in Harvey, LA. In here, she bought a couple of boxes of cups full of whipped cream. After saying goodbye to her friend, Blaise drove straight to the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter to bring some joy to shelter dogs here.

Blaise later shared a Facebook post with photos and videos of shelter dogs enjoying her “puppuccinos” and it went viral quickly. It gained 24,000 reactions with over 50,000 shares and nearly 10,000 comments.

As you can see, the sweet doggie treat got all these shelter dogs hooked. They enjoy it happily as it adds colors to their boring days in shelters.

Love and kindness coming at the right time can warm up the heart of any. They aren’t simply joy but also loving support, both mentally and physically. In the end, it makes their day.

Here are other photos of these shelter dogs enjoying puppuccinos!

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