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20 Cute Cross-Breed Dogs That You Won’t Believe Are Real

Dogs are probably one of the most diverse-looking species on the planet. Each dog is completely unique in its own way (colors, coats, sizes, and shapes), especially it’s true for crossbreeds. Having a mixed-breed dog often has many advantages. They are not only charming, intelligent but also healthier than their purebred counterparts. Furthermore, the chances of hereditary abnormalities are decreased and have little effect on them.

So, in honor of these under-appreciated and too-cute mixed breed dogs, we put together 20 photos of amazing dogs who definitely hit the genetic jackpot. Scroll down below to see our list of the cutest dog mixes and be prepared for an urge to get your own mutt!

1. This grown up German Shepherd is a dwarf.

2. Half Husky, half Pitbull, fully adorable

3. This Corgi/Aussie mix can win your heart with a single glance.

4. The Mexican hairless dog doesn’t need fur to be cute.

5. Half Labrador, half Rottweiler, all fluff

6. Chewie the Pekapoo (Pekingese and Poodle mix) looks like a small polar bear.

7. When a Husky and a German Shepherd fall in love:

8. This Pitbull and Siberian Husky mix has an incredible icy blue stare.

9. This Border Collie and Samoyed mix has the most boopable nose ever.

10. This German Shepherd and Shar-Pei mix looks like it has been Photoshopped, but it hasn’t.

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