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17 Dogs Who Prove That They Can Be Big Brothers Of Their Baby Sisters

For years, dogs have built up an unmistakable bond with their humans. These adaptive creatures can be good loyal friends to their human counterparts- and that includes babies. Needless to say, dogs are social creatures. Dog trainers and behaviorists have suggested that any dog has a mating drive and den instincts. They call them the ‘pack drive’, which makes dogs live in tight bonds with their families. And, it also explains why dogs are so protective of a new baby when he or she arrives.

Today, we are going to introduce to you seventeen dogs who can handle their job of being big brothers. We want you to know that our doggie friends are really great friends who can do everything to protect us, humans!

#1. “Just got back from our 16 week appointment from the doctors and show our Kelvin bear the baby’s ultrasound. He’s so attentive and smelled the whole ultrasound and us from top to bottom! 😂You guys think he knows he’s going to be a big brother? ❤️”

Image: suarezpartyoftwo

#2. “This is my favorite cousin, her name is Dc, and I love to give her all the cuddles and licks!!”

Image: 24karatgoldenpups

#3. Milo loves to stay beside his baby sis. He does everything to protect her.

Image: milomaxidoodles

#4. “The more the merrier!🐕 🐶”

Image: moreidy

#5. He is so eager to see the little baby hooman!


#6. “Hi, you look so cute. I love you so muchhhh”

Image: jetsetgo.baby

#7. “Just a baby and her protectors 💗 well her cuddle buddy and foot rest 😂🙈”

Image: cara_cara_professional

#8. “Sophia made friends with Umka today. Umka is a big brother who never puts up a fight with her sister and is willing to do everything to please her!”

Image: olgatarasenko.realtor

#9. “I’m at home to see my dog do this to my baby😍”

#10. “Love you so much!”

Image: harleynfluffypaws

#11. “Huh, what do you need? Want me to play with you for a while? “

Image: pghpetphotog

#12. “Look at my pretty sis. Now I m a big bro!”

Image: Instagram

#13. “Just be safe and sleep happily. I’ll be here until you get up!”

Image: paulinajanu

#14. “Giving Love to my little sister”


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#15. “How are you today, my dear sis?”

Image: vicktaru

#16. “eah, so these two are sticking by each other these days. 😍
Shauryaa started loving his presence around and squeaks to get his attention whereas he starts his day with licking her feet and tries hard to lick her face but I restrict that for now. 🙈😄Yesterday he brought one of his favorite ball and droped it inside her pram so that she could play with him”

Image: stylediarieswith_abhinya

#17. So sweet!


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