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People Are Sharing Daily Moments With Their Doggie Friends On Subreddit, And Here Are 17 Funniest Pictures

As dog lovers, we are always laughing over some cute moments of dogs. These sweethearts steal our hearts every single time they jump on our lap, using their innocent eyes to beg for cuddles and kisses. Just ask some dog owners and they will tell you at least a dozen of reasons why having a dog is a must-try experience in life. Or you can just sit still, and spend time watching these seventeen hilarious photos to know the best part of owning pets.

The subreddit r/WhatsWrongWithYourDog is a place where people are sharing daily moments with their doggie friends. Today, we have chosen seventeen pictures for you guys. We promise you can’t help laughing over these cute and funny animals. Hopefully, this will become the best warm-up for your day. Now, take your time and enjoy!

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#1. “Marzipan and her bullshit of an evening….”

Image: realhappyemu7

#2. “My mini labradoodle tried her first puppacino today, apparently they taste better if you put your whole nose in it.”

Image: fudidle

#3. “He spills out of his bed for dramatic effect 😴”

Image: meow__meg

#4. “Sorry… mama, we will never do it again”

Image: GraveBreath

#5. That’s funny!

#6. “LOL. Does anyone else’s dog lay like a flattened chicken?”

Image: uuda44luke

#7. “This snuggle hit different”

Image: mrs-monroe

#8. “He is beauty. He is grace. He does not like this golden doodle getting in his face.”

Image: compscilady

#9. “Hi, world

Image: VictorFunkenstein99

#10. “I have never seen a dog sit/lay like this before.”

Image: cooperchronicles

#11. “Haha, I absolutely love this!!”

#12. “Hi, anyone out there? See me all dressed-up, but nowhere to go. So sad!”

Image: fairydogmother_

#12. “He’s just tired of the cat sleeping in his bed, is all.”

Image: 5_Frog_Margin

#13. I can’t understand why he is acting like this!

#14. “He ate a spicy sky raisin”

Image: sissarowroe

#15. “I’ve been looking for him for 10 minutes”

Image: shenaniganizer1776

#17. “My white dog is jealous cause I am hugging his brother. So sweet, I love both of you!”

Image: EelPasta

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