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Meet Golden-winged Sunbird That Puts On A Stunning Coat Of Metallic Reddish-Copper Color During Breeding Season

There are many birds that are most gorgeous during the breeding season. At this time of the year, these creatures will put on a stunning coat that looks different from the daily suit.

Image Credits: Instagram/tropicalbirding

The golden-winged sunbird is one of these striking birds. Most of the time, this bird is covered with black. But this sheen turns shining metallic reddish-copper when the breeding season begins. The brilliant gold plumage becomes a distinctive feature of male birds, helping them attract females.

Image Credits: Instagram/pietroluraschi

You can watch the video of this bird below!

Comparing with the male, the female is duller with an olive color on their upperparts and yellowish below. Young birds look similar to the female, though they have darker bellies.

Image Credits: Steve Garvie / CC BY 2.0

The golden-winged sunbird is a member of the Nectariniidae family. They are a nomadic species whose habitats depend on the food supply.

Image Credits: Instagram/daviesface

This sunbird can be found in forest verges and clearings, cultivated areas, bamboo forest, and tall grassland in the Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Image Credits: Instagram/chuilodge

They feed on nectar, especially from the mint Leonotis nepetifolia flowers. However, these birds also eat nectar from other flowers and eat insects, such as beetles, flies, ants, and wasps, and larvae.

Image Credits: Instagram/beautifulthings_of_theworld

During the breeding season, female golden-winged sunbirds build purse-like nests on their own. They then lay eggs in the nest and incubate them. The male joins the female in feeding the hatchlings until they are fully fledged.

Image Credits: Instagram/mdk_196

Image Credits: Instagram/ama1000sky

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