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Adorable Bear Cub Befriends A Playful Cat At Rescue Center

If I am asked what is the purest and most beautiful thing in this world, the answer will be the friendship of animal species. It can beat all the odds. A fox becomes the best friend of a dog. A lion, tiger, and a bear live together as a family. If you are looking for something to heal your soul, these friendships can help.

And, today’s story is about a special bond between an adorable bear cub and a cat. It’s so weird but actually happens at the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) rescue center.

Ka Wao the baby bear and George the cat are often caught chasing each other happily at the sanctuary. George even befriended the mother bear before the cub arrived. And now, the playful cat is a friend of both mother and daughter.

“George was friends with the mother bear before the cub arrived. They seem to get along very well and spend lots of time together. All three of them often sit down and eat together. I think its good for her to have another friend to play with, she seems to enjoy the playfulness of George,” WFFT’s Tom Taylor told Bored Panda.

Ka Wao is a very mischievous, adventurous little girl. It’s easy to understand why she hangs out happily with George. They’ve got a lot of fun together. Ka Wao’s childhood is full of smiles and laughs. Is there anything better than this?

The adorable cub wasn’t even supposed to be born. The organization vasectomized her dad Kaka to prevent the unnecessary breeding of wild animals in captivity.

However, Ka Wao comes as a miracle. Her arrival proved that the operation wasn’t successful.

The staff at the rescue center all fall in love with the adorable bear cub. The blossoming friendship of her and her cat friend also makes them admire.

The population of rhinos has dramatically fallen due to the loss of habitat and poaching.

H/T: Bored Panda

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