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Meet Purple Gallinule, An Insanely Beautiful Waterbird With Bright Purple-Blue Plumage

The purple gallinule is an extraordinary bird. Their stunning plumage of bright bluish-purple with a turquoise sheen can always bring these water birds into the spotlight.

This wader is one of the most beautiful and colorful birds that you could spot in real life. They stand out from the crowd.

The male and female of this bird species share the same striking purple-blue coat. They also have a green back, a pale blue shield on their forehead, and a red (upper part) and yellow (lower part) bill.

It’s interesting that purple gallinules were not born with their gorgeous plumage. Young birds are light brown with dashes of green-bronze on the wing and back, with white under-tail coverts. When they’re fully grown up, they got that coat.

These waterbirds distribute in many regions of Central America and the Caribbean.

During the breeding season, they will move to warm swamps and marshes in the southeastern states of the United States. Both sexes build their floating nest and female birds will lay 5-10 eggs here.

Purple gallinules feed on plants and animal matter. They eat seeds, leaves, and fruits of aquatic and terrestrial plants. Sometimes, they also seek insects, frogs, spiders, snails, and fish for food.

These birds also eat the eggs and young of other nesting birds.

Watch the video of the purple gallinule below.

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