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Sweet Dental Therapy Dog Is Happy To Comfort Patients During Their Visit

Many of us have suffered from dental fear, both kids and adults alike. We get stress when going to see the dentist and sitting in the dentist’s chair. To help patients stay calm, dentists invite therapy dogs to come to help. These staff can positively change the patient’s mood and anxiety, keeping them staying calm.

Dwight, a super adorable and affectionate 1-year-old Labradoodle is a therapy dog. He helps patients stay calm during the check-up and treatment, making their visit to the dentist less painful.

Dwight goes to work with his mom, a dental hygenist, at Sulens Dental Studio, Zanesville, Ohio, a few days a week. He started attending training courses for a therapy dog at 12 weeks old. Currently, he is practicing twice a week at his puppy school and the dental office.

The good boy performs excellently at work, going beyond his mom’s expectations. He’s dedicated at work. When the patient walks in, Dwight runs to greet them at the door with a big smile and a wagging tail.

Additionally, he’s always ready to comfort patients when they lay on the dentist’s chair for cleaning or procedure. The dog doesn’t mind giving his patients a little help when they need it.

“Dwight was definitely born to be a therapy dog,” Jensen McVey, Dwight’s trainer, told The Dodo.

Both the staff and patients visiting the dental office love Dwight. They love working with him and seeing him come in. Who can’t resist an adorable and supportive working dog?

Dwight is proud of what he has been doing, so he just keeps it up. He tries his best to help his patients cope with stress when going to see the dentist. And he is happy to spend time with his dental family.

“He helps to create a fun experience for scared children coming in and provides overall comfort for those in the office,” McVey said. “He is also trained to gently lay and apply pressure for nervous patients or to gently place his paws up so people can pet him and take their mind off of being at the dentist.”

Dwight gets paid in treats and a monthly BarkBox for what he performs at work. He deserves them, right?

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