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17 Beautiful Pets With Disabilities Who Prove That Beauty Is Mind And Heart But Not Appearance

Many people say that “Good appearance is more important than characteristics”. While I accept that it is important to have an attractive look, I disagree that beauty is only the word to describe a person’s physical appearance.

“Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart”- I love this saying so much! Nowadays, the concept of the beauty of different people is different. To me, I do think people are beautiful when they are confident and happy. So if you ask me to describe the seventeen following creatures, I would say ‘they are the most beautiful!’. Despite their disabilities, these pets are still cheerful and optimistic. And I think that is the reason why they are loved by their owners.

Today, we would like you to take time to watch these seventeen lovely pictures, and be more confident in yourself! If God bless you a pretty face, it’s good luck. But if you are shorter, or a little chubbier, or less attractive than other people, just love your body!

#1. Beautiful!

Image: oneeyedcatclub

#2. Sam, a baby one-eyed boy, looks so fancy!

Image: oneeyedcatclub

#3. “Beautiful blind senior cat”

Image: trwwy321

#4. She is Jasmine, a beautiful girl with 3 legs.

Image: dracarysbengals

#5. Roo was born with only two legs, but in this pic, she looks like an angel!

Image: dog_cat_mafia

#6. “Mommy and I contemplating the meaning of life and concluding that the people who need love the most are those who seem harder to love.”

Image: scooterspath

#7. Tinky is a special kitty!

Image: tinkythespecialkitty

#8.  Shiraz loses his visual ability, but he is very good at smelling and hearing. In this picture, he looks so comfortable and pleased with his life!

Image: myblindcatfamily

#9. Notice those ‘beautiful’ eyes?

Image: blindbarney_thecat

#10. “Meet Tiger 🐅 Lost one of his legs in an accident but who says you need four legs to hop, skip and run? “

Image: keerthan_rp

#11. Wow!!!!

Image: oneeyedcatclub

#12. He is so happy and confident despite his disability.

Image: chuffthechickenchi

#13. “This is Daisy! she was born with a congenital deformity in her front legs and has to use a wheelchair, but she’s still a happy doggo ❤”

Image: dogs_with_disabilities

#14. This one-eyed creature looks so cool!

Image: marnie.winks

#15. Tao is a 12-year-old blind Golden (due to glaucoma). He is living the happiest life with his best friend, Oko, 1-year-old!

Image: tao_mr_winky

#16. He is the black one in this picture. He is paralyzed, but he is still a cheerful dog!

Image: sevnpaws

#17. Stunning!

Image: nevo.wupperwolf


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