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17+ Pets Who Absolutely Love Their New Looks After Being Groomed

There are dozens of things we can do to refresh ourselves, one of which is getting a new haircut. If you are looking for something to do to start a new life, let’s go to a hair salon and ask the staff there. You will feel very excited with your new look. And, for sure, this works for the little furry friends as well.

These are nineteen pets who absolutely love their fantastic new looks after their owners take them to the Groomer. Just take a look at the following sweetie and you will love themselves more! We, as Paws Planet,  with these nineteen before-after grooming pictures, would like to prove that dog groomers can create wonderful works.

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#1. “Som looking pretty after grooming session🥰”

Source: Somnana02270528

#2. “Nice!!! I love this new hair”

Source: odd_duck_

#3. “She looks totally a different dog after the grooming session!”

Source: Chestnut-mare

#4. Notice the puppy ears before and after grooming!

Source: supergreengal

#5. “She looks so scraggly when she first came in. But she’s still so cute. After groom, she looks so proud of herself!”

Source: TigerHeart6

#6. Fantastic!

Source: canihavethissloth

#7. She turns into a very sweet puppy, awww!

Source: zencactus

#8. “Look at mah hair… do I look more attractive with it?”

Source: TzadikTheManic

#9. “Since I missed my cakeday last year, here’s a twofer of my little buddy Tucker before/after grooming!”

Source: nstutsman

#10. “Bluto before/after grooming (sorry they are in the wrong order)”

Source: evrydayimbrusselin

#11. The twins look so happy with their haircuts!

Source: tomatochameleon

#12. “Hi, it’s not finished yet, but I feel more confident with this new look!”

Source: canihavethissloth

#13. “We know we are handsome… is it!?”

Source: jayjohnson86

#14.”He looks mighty sassy in the second pic!!”

Source: Flo01

#15. “Wait… wait… gimme a second… I need to make sure who is the handsome boy I am looking at in the mirror now!… That’s me hehe!”

Source: canihavethissloth

#16. “From being chewbacca, to becoming a dog again!”

Source: Lorwo

#17. Johnny is way more smiley in the before picture. In the after picture, he’s asking: “What did you do with my clothes?” LOL

Source: hotsaucefalafel

#18. “After 5 hours of hard work:”

Source: garbagepilequeen

#19. “Back to grooming after a year hiatus! Not nearly as beautiful as some of the other grooms here but Bentley was so cute” (and matted)

Source: chaoticwhitegirl95

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