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25+ Photos That Show Cats Are The Naughtiest Pets On Earth

16. Hey, you are awake? Before you judge me, know that I love you.

The face we make when we get ourselves into trouble.

17. Isn’t that how the Spiderman was kissing the girl in the movie? Yeah, I was just practising that.

I came in like a wrecking ball: Cat version.

18. Well, that is my litter box and I can pee wherever I feel comfortable.

‘You’re hired. Now clean up!’ – This cat to their hooman.

19. What? You only had to give me some attention but all you do is watch that goddamn stupid shows on this TV. Well, you’re all mine now.

Guilty? Yes. Sorry? Definitely Not.

20. “He pushed the middle towel off the bed so he could snuggle between the other two”

This is how I roll..

21. “This asshole who scratches the couch and sits on the scratching post.”

In the cat’s defence, there were no directions on the couch.

22. I was just trying to decorate the tree, I swear.

At least, now we know who is on the naughty list.

23. Out of all the spots in the house, this is where he decided to sit.

‘Ummm, is there something I can help you with?’

24. Oh, I’m sorry I don’t know how I got stuck in here but I’m just trying to find my way out of this.

We can only imagine what happened after. No wait, we can’t.

25. “My cat occasionally visits our neighbours. Today she came back with a little snack.”

No wayyyyy. You gotta be chickin’ me.

26. Can you hear me, Jason?

Heyyy!! Just focus on the love…even if it’s suffocating.

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