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40 Emotional Photos Of Dads Meeting Their Babies for the First Time

11. Staring into Each Other’s Eyes

“This little girl knew exactly who her daddy was and just gazed at him the whole time they had skin to skin,” recalls photographer Keri-Anne Dilworth. “It was such a beautiful moment to capture.”

12. Love at First Sight

“The first of many times that father will admire his son,” says photographer Jaydene Freund.

13. First Kiss

“This dad had so much love and joy that his son had arrived safely, he leaned over to give a tender kiss while he lay there in the scale,” says photographer Freund.

14. Up Close and Personal

“I love how this dad is getting to know his newborn son, baby Tyson,” says photographer Janelle Kamp.

15. Life-Changing Moment

“A mother is said to feel like a parent throughout the pregnancy, but the moment a father first holds their child is profoundly life changing,” says photographer Ari Landworth. “This image is intended to impart the gravity of that moment”

16. Nothing but Pride

“First-time dad welcomes his baby girl after a long day of worrying. He prayed for a safe C-section after many hours of labor and finally in his arms he couldn’t contain his joy,” photographer Melissa Benzel tells CafeMom. “Instant love.”

17. Forehead Smooches

“Baby’s first kiss,” Benzel says. “Daddy is happy to be loving on his firstborn.”

18. Sheer Gratitude

“This is the first time dad looks at his wife with love, admiration, and thankfulness for birthing a perfect little baby after so much hard work during labor,” Benzel says.

19. Belly Rubs

“Dad couldn’t keep his eyes off baby,” Benzel says.

20. Eager Welcome

“Dad can’t contain the tears of joy and relief after seeing his baby safely in his wife’s arms,” Benzel says.

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