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40 Emotional Photos Of Dads Meeting Their Babies for the First Time

31. Grinning for His Girl

The look on John’s face when he first little girl was born says it all. “He was flooded with emotion meeting his daughter for the first time. Instant love!” DeHoff says.

32. Perfect Catch

“There was enough love to stretch up to the moon and all the way back down to their sweet home,” wrote photographer Monet Nicole.

33. Locked Eyes

After a C-section delivery, Armando couldn’t stop staring at baby Rafael.

34. From High School Sweethearts to New Parents

“Zach and Dawn had fallen in love when they were teenagers, and you could tell that they had a deep connection to each other and to the baby that was soon to join the world,” write Monet. “Zach’s excitement was so contagious, and Dawn looked radiant, strong, and peaceful.”

35. A Surprise Boy

“With her mom on one side and Zach on the other, Dawn pushed her sweet baby into the world. Zach was able to deliver the baby (I LOVE when dads decide to do this), and he also had the honor of announcing the big news — It’s a BOY!” Monet wrote

36. Nothing but Smiles

“Within seconds of moving from tub to bed, baby Scout was born! She went right to her mama’s chest, with her dad cradling them both from behind,” Monet wrote. “So much love. So much joy. So much beauty.”

37. Showered With Love

“Jane and Brendan are a beautiful couple with a deep and powerful connection,” Monet wrote¬†“They were so passionate and so kind to each other during Jane’s birth.”

38. Delayed First Meeting

“Zach plays for the Denver Broncos, and they knew it would be a possibility that he’d be at a game when Iris went into labor. Sure enough, Iris began experiencing contractions on the very day Zach was in Chicago for an away game,” Monet wrote. “She soon began pushing and before long, baby Enzo made his way into the world and into his mama’s arms. Zach was able to meet his newborn son via Skype … just minutes before he walked onto the field.”

39. Intense Love

“Before we knew it, Lauren’s water broke, and with it came a strong urge to push. I ran out to the hallway to call Joe, her husband, back upstairs,” Monet wrote. “He ran in with their oldest son and jumped in the pool just seconds before Baby Eden came into the world.”

40. First Family Embrace

“Tricia and Bruce were beautiful together. Their love and laughter filled the whole center,” Monet wrote.

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