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40 Emotional Photos Of Dads Meeting Their Babies for the First Time

21. Daddy’s Miracle

“Finally getting to hold his baby girl!” Benzel says. “This couple had an early pregnancy scare but baby is now finally in his arms, safe and perfect!”

22. Holding Him Close

“This is a first-time dad and already his baby boy’s favorite guy!” Benzel says.

23. Rainbow After the Storm

“Dad catches his rainbow baby girl. After a terrible loss, he now sees his perfect baby girl and can’t stop smiling,” Benzel says.

24. Home-Birth Hello

“First home birth, second baby girl,” Benzel says. “Dad is right there, in first place for meeting. And baby just can’t stop looking at her daddy.”

25. Overcome With Appreciation

“Dad looks at his wife in awe of what an incredible woman she is,” Benzel says. “No one could not smile seeing how happy he was.”

26. New Dad Glow

“Dad is thrilled to finally get to meet his little girl!” Benzel says. “Holding on to both of his loves, he can’t help but smile from ear to ear!”

27. Cherishing the First Moment

“Dad holds his little one close. She will never be this little again; just taking all in!” Benzel says.

28. Cradled With Love

“Fourth-time dad meeting his latest creation,” Benzel says. “He looks at him as if it’s his first!”

29. Surrounded by Babies

“Dad with all his babies. This last baby made two boys and three girls,” Benzel said. “So much love with all these beautiful ‘babies.'”

30. Major Surprise

This was Alex’s second child and he couldn’t help but laugh when he found out that baby number two was officially a girl. “We were all sure she was having a boy from the way she carried; everyone laughed and cheered in excitement!” photographer Nicole DeHoff tells CafeMom.

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