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20+ Dogs Who Need To Reset Their Default Settings

11. “Is that a cupcake?”

12. “My friend’s dog getting… comfy?”

13. “She keeps staring at me like this. Please send help.”

14. Ministry of silly stair walks

15. “This is how my boyfriend’s dog sleeps EVERY night. I don’t know how she breathes.”

16. “Meow-meow, am I doing this right?”

17. “This was how he decided to rest.”

18. “Lola refuses to sit anywhere else in the car except on my pregnant wife’s belly.”

19. He has no idea what he’s doing.

20. “I woke up next to sleeping beauty…”

21. “He does this anytime he wants to come in or go out, as demonstrated by the state of my window I just cleaned…”

22. “Thoughts and advice needed”

Bonus: Everyone has their own thing

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