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Tough Street Cat Shows The Sweetest Personality After He Meets The Perfect People

There are many different reasons that individuals with the toughest appearance may endeavor to hide, or disguise their sweet personalities. A perfect example of this is the story of an orange feral cat known as Orange Boy or OB for short. He was a stray cat who was living on the streets of Boston.

OB was rescued by Lynne Gramer, who is involved with BFF (Boston’s Forgotten Felines), an organization that helps care for the feral cats of the city. She had seen OB when she was out feeding some of the stray cats on her street.

At the first time Gramer met OB, he showed off all the behaviors of a feral cat. He wouldn’t let anyone come close and touch him. He even would hiss at anyone who came near him.

In order to help decrease the stray population, Gramer decided to trap OB to have him neutered. After the procedure, the vet advised her to return him back to the street because OB seemed to be a feral cat who couldn’t really be tamed. So, she released him back out but she continued to feed him.

Then one day OB the cat showed up and did something a little surprising. Gramer was shocked when Orange Boy got closer and closer. He came up to her, rubbing against her leg and meowing as if to say, ‘Let me come in.’”

After seeing OB’s reaction, Gramer decided to foster him in her house although she was already had a cat and a little dog. Maybe OB always hides his personalities inside of him and he just needed the perfect people to bring it out.

Now it’s hard to believe that OB used to be a stray cat on the street because he is lovely and friendly with everyone. From a Boston street cat, he transformed into huge snuggle buddy, a sweet member of family.

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