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“How To Cat” – Comics Inspired By My Awesome Rescue Cat

#11. The Tabby King.

#12. Understanding feline body languages.

#13. Love is… a dead bird.

#14. Struttin’ into the weekend like…

#15. Is the cat trying to kill you?

#16. Who’s good kitty?

#17. Arise, human. It is time for the crunchies. Hello?

#18. What is this magic?

#19. Is your human running late?

#20. It’s an inflatable unicorn horn for cats!

#21. Tonight we’re having lasagne!

#22. Signs the cat might be trying to assert dominance

#23. The price of love

#24. Toy mouse stuck under the couch?

#25. You may scratch my butt now

#26. Is…is that a crow?

#27. I’m home from my week-long trip!

#28. That one room

#29. Human! It appears you’re pooping.

#30. Anything to say?

#31. Doesn’t that feel better?

#32. Just what the heck is the cat thinking?

#33. “Greetings, Friend”

#34. Challenge extended.

#35. “Ah, the hell with it!”

#36. Understanding feline body language.

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