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“How To Cat” – Comics Inspired By My Awesome Rescue Cat

Meet Lucas Turnbloom, a cartoonist from Southern California.

“Hi guys, my name is Lucas Turnbloom. Most people know me from my Scholastic graphic novel collection “Dream Jumper.” Last year, my wife and I rescued a sweet but mischievous little cat. So, I’m turning her shenanigans into comics. The comic was originally intended to be an inside gag for my wife and I, but she insisted on putting the amazing comics on the internet. The comics appears to have found an audience on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – which is unimaginable. I’m so glad individuals have discovered pleasure on this foolish little comedian. I hope to continue it in the coming years.”

Look at these amazing comics “How To Cat”! Scroll down and enjoy!

More info: Instagram | Facebook | patreon.com

#1. The fur ball can be the reason behind all the creepy noises coming at the night. So don’t worry about the fact that your house could be haunted.

#2. Constantly trying to prove that you are a good kitty can be tiring at times.

#3. Cats reaction are always the best.

#4. How dare you feed the kitty anything that you feel like!

#5. Forgiveness doesn’t come easy. So you better follow all the rules that your kitty sets.

#6. You won’t need any extra workout. They will make you work hard already.

#7. The feline creatures don’t care what opinion you form about them. If they feel like it, they will do it.

#8. Privacy is something that they do not understand.

#9. The fur balls are just a natural at it.

#10. The only way they will feel they are in heaven. There doesn’t exist anything other than catnip that can make them feel that way.

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