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Dog Cries Every Night Because No One Wants To Adopt Her

Dogs are our best friends who provide us with great companionship and unconditional love. No matter what happens, they always deserve to be loved and cared by good people. But sadly, many dogs have to stay at animal shelters instead of living in a happy and loving home that they want.

Although the life of a shelter animal is far better than if they lived on the streets, these animals always crave humans’ attention, love, and care. For this reason, all things shelter animals need is to have a forever home and a loving owner who is willing to love and care for them.

At an associate shelter in New Mexico, they found a sad and devastated puppy who frequently cries since no one seems to be interested in adopting her.

They took a heartbreaking photo of the puppy while she looked through her cage with lonely and defeated eyes. She seemed to hope that someone would adopt her and take her home.

When the photo of a dog waiting to be adopted at a shelter was posted online, it quickly went viral and captured the hearts of animal lovers around the world. All of them were left heartbroken for the puppy’s situation.

Adoption applications came flooding in and in just one day, and this depressed dog was adopted by a kind-hearted woman. Once in her new home, the puppy showed her true personality of happy and energetic puppy. Her sad tears were replaced with a look of pure joy.

The puppy finally found a forever home and a loving owner that she deserves. We hope that all pets will be loved and cared by great owners.

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