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20 Funny Pictures Of Cat Yawns That Will Certainly Make The Best Part Of Your Day

Cats, just like us, often yawn when they are sleepy. And how do we look when we are yawning? I guess you are drawing a picture of a face with watery eyes and a mouth opening to its biggest size? And that doesn’t look good, actually! Cat yawn image is the same . When they are about to yawn, their beautiful sweet faces turn to be…kind of… weird, or even funny. And luckily, some owners can capture the moment their pets are not looking so good, and bring joy to everyone.

Here are twenty pictures that we have collected from cats owners on the Internet. As we think they can be a great source of entertainment for you today, we are writing this post, about these funny and lovely creatures. So now, it’s time to enjoy, and have a nice day!

#1. “Winter Cat thinks I’m boring, so she makes me laugh!”

Image source: astreet1290

#2. “It’s time to wake up!”

Image source: Ghost_Sapphy167

#3. I wonder whether he’s yawning or screaming

Image source: Pagan429

#4. “She looked majestic so I wanted to take a photo… but then she yawned”

Image source: smsisita

#5. “I want to sleep right nowwwww”

Image source: kerstain32

#6. When you don’t get the joke but you still laugh along.

Image source: Luciphyr729

#7. “Burrito is doing a big post-nap stretch”

Image source: kelaitar

#8.”Mommy, I want to go to bed right now”

Image source: drawdelove

#9. “My dearest Raspberry with her yawn, chilling with me on a Saturday morning”

Image source: CharlieQuest

#10. “Lew Lew”

Image source: carefff

#11. “My Moomin. I love yawning in his face to see if he’ll yawn too.”

Image source: toobertpoondert

#12. He is such a lazy cat!

Image source: zsueanne

#13. “This is a biiiiiiig yawn.”

Image source: wallsofjerrika_

#14. “Hi, Good morning!”

Image source: Wholefoods_lover69

#15. “This is my sleepy baby Minoux”

Image source: Fast-Media3555

#16. “Let’s wake up and do exercise”

Image source: grasscom

#17.”It’s time for bed ????”

Image source: east-TN-girl

#18. “I am doing meow-ning exercise. Do you want to join?”

Image source: Reddit

#19. “It’s time to sleep”

Image source: melijah34

#20. “Wake up! Let’s go out and see the beautiful sunlight today!”

Image source: CathulhuMeow

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