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Almost Nobody Could Find The Cat In This Picture, And Her Owner Posted A Whole Gallery Of Her Ninja Cat

You get that mini heart attack when you come home and can’t find your dear kitty anywhere, but the New York-based writer and comedian Grace Spelman is kinda used to this. The game of hide and seek has become somewhat of a daily routine for her and her cat, Pierogi.

It all started back in early October, when Grace and Pierogi moved into a new apartment, and the curious kitty wanted to explore every corner of the place. The cat did get better day by day, finding new hiding spots to surprises her owner. Grace loved the game and she got all of her Twitter followers join the fun also, and has been posting several new editions of ‘Where’s Pierogi’ per week ever since.

Scroll down and help us find that naughty cat!

New York-based writer and comedian Grace Spelman’s kitty is really good at hide and seek.

Can you spot Pierogi?

Hint: here’s what the little trickster looks like

Did you find her yet? Well, here’s the answer for you lazy folks who didn’t even bother looking

And now onto different scenes.











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