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20 Times Cats Make Us Forget Things Around And Take A Nap With Them

Cats are great purring machines that can satisfy us with anything they do. When they are awake, they are so playful, adorable, but sometimes mischievous!! When they sleep, these angels become so sweet and cute. Watching them curl up in beds makes us just want to forget everything and stay at that moment forever. Today, we would like to show you twenty pictures of cozy sleeping cats who can melt your heart in seconds.

Be aware! After reading this article, you might want to stick to your bed like it’s a rainy day, or rush outside to buy a cat or both!! Because you are going to see the coziest pictures!

Now, let’s scroll over, and enjoy!

#1. Awww! So cute!

Image: acpacpa

#2. I want to hug them😍🥰

Image: callmefinny

#3. “Someone decided to stay in bed all day”

Image: roger5083

#4. “Two years ago I adopted the largest cat at the shelter, and for two years now he’s been keeping my left shoulder extra toasty :)”

Image: WaldosMama

#5. Hello kitty, Can I go inside with you?

Image: theanyday

#6. So sweet!

Image: Flarepotato8v2

#7. “It’s cloudy and cold outside, so I just wanna stay at home with my cozy cat”

Image: sgt7314

#8. “A large and cozy cat baguette on a bed”

Image: BlitheNonchalance

#9. Ok, let’s take a nap together!

Image: chipsicecream

#10. “I’m sleepy…. Can you come here with me?”

Image: MoistyMeat12

#11. “This morning has been rainy and I was dreading getting up and being in the “real world”, but then I saw my very large, fluffy, cozy cat and it made me so happy 😊”

Image: waterthecolor

#12. “My cozy cat visiting me in my bed”

Image: DooderBoiCobra

#13. Lovely!

Image: PhoenixFiretail

#14. “My cozy cat in my cozy living room”

Image: Andreanneb123

#15. She looks like she wants to sleep for several hours more

Image: CedarDawn

#16. How cute they are!

Image: hungoverunicorn420

#17. “Do you want to visit our bed?”

Image: ducksfloat1121

#18. Sweet!

Image: Sk84sv

#19. “Cozy cats by the fire. The one on his back does this all the time, definitely the most relaxed cat I’ve ever seen!”

Image: CorporalC

#20. “These are two cozy cats who didn’t want to get out of bed.”

Image: a_lurking_boggart

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