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20+ Mischievous Pets Who Like To Destroy Things Without Thinking Of Its Result

Having pets is the best thing that you should try once in your life. These furry friends are best friends. They are funny, sweet, willing to do everything for you. They never leave your side and always make you laugh over their cute behaviors. While most animal friends usually follow their human’s words, some of them are rather mischievous and playful. Sometimes, we can’t expect that their overwhelming energy can have negative impacts!

Today, we would like to give you twenty-two pictures of pets destroying things while they were playing with them. The point is that although we know they have done such a bad thing, we can’t get mad at them due to their cuteness and innocence. Do you agree with us? If not, here are twenty-two pictures to persuade you. Let us know if you feel these pets are so adorable that you forget what they have destroyed!

Now, let’s check it out and have fun!

#1. “Well, I’m just playing on the chair….”

Image: buttons_koolie

#2.”This is why we cant have another Christmas Tree. ( garland around the TV rack)????”

Image: yoshi_bipolarcat

#3. What an excellent artist!

Image: camilla_zeidler

#4. “My parents left me a new toy on the table! I loved it! ????”

Image: loco_loki_adventurecat

#5. This was a box, destroyed in 30mins

Image: jenvredeveld

#6. “That wasn’t me….”

Image: sonoe112

#7. “Willow chewed something she wasn’t supposed to. We were deflating an air mattress after our good friend visited and didn’t think to move it off the floor. One second, she was chewing on her Starmark Everlasting enrichment toy/treat, and a minute later, we found her chewing a hole through the air mattress ????????‍♀️”

Image: willow_the_pupperino

#8. Did Oli realize what she had done?

Image: oli_the_catt

#9. “As I always say – Koal and Fiero are a really good match ???? – they’re getting on so well, never have any (real) conflicts, look after each other, play together… But when the zoomies hit… ???? Imagine experiencing it with a double strength”

Image: koala.and.fiero

#10. “I love playing with plants”

Image: nina_myjagdterrier

#11. “I’m sorryyyyy”

Image: hamishandwalter

#12. “I’m not happy about this other cat.”

Image: judyconstableart

#13. “Mummy is doing something strange with my new favourite toy…she says hopefully it’ll last longer than 5 minutes this time, I don’t know what she’s talking about ????????‍♀️”

Image: bellieboo_thecavapoo

#14. Richard, tell me if it tastes good, huh?

Image: comicbooklover27

#15. “Mommy… I have already opened your amazon package. That was okay, right? ????????????”

Image: hudson.river.aussies

#16. “OK, This mouse looks good, I want to eat him!”

Image: kitty.crayons

#17. “I am monster”

Image: tommy_thegreyhound

#18. “Guess how long it’ll take me to break this plastic-covered thing.⁣”

Image: the.oligator

#19. “Goodbye yellow football. You lived bravely, you played valiantly ⚽️”

Image: you_herd_the_lady

#20. “Let’s do some homework”

Image: kay_the_dog_

#21. “Sorry if my hobby is a little weird!”

Image: la_casa_de_los_8gatos

#22. Hey, what are you doing?

Image: xiaolongbao_2020520

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