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This Subreddit Proves That ‘Cats Are Assholes’, And Here Are 25 Times They Are The Most Mischievous

While cats are fluffy, playful, and can be a joy to have as a companion, they can also be “assholes”, just like us. Sometimes, you might look at your cats thinking these angels are so sweet, but not knowing that they will poop in your sink or sit on your pizza in the next second. Interestingly, it seems like they know exactly what they are doing, so they aren’t shy about it at all!

The subreddit r/CatsAreAssholes is a place where people are sharing their cats with the most mischievous behaviors such as biting owners, spoiling food, or committing other unforgettable crimes. Many posts have attracted hundreds of likes and comments from cats lovers and owners. They said that they would love these sweethearts no matter what! Yes, we too, love these friends forever!

So, today, we are collecting 25 pictures from this interesting Reddit community. We do hope that your day will start with a good laugh and a lot of fun. Now, let’s take time to enjoy these twenty-five photos!

#1. “My mom’s cat has no shame”

Image: Snafuball

#2. “His way is too smart”

Image: generalised_dyslexia

#3. “I guess the plant will just have to grow down”

Image: Accomplished_Mode_70

#4. “Busted! I knew sooner or later the culprit would return to the scene of the crime! Have to add paper towels to the grocery list now :(“

Image: izlyiest

#5. “I guess I need to lock the bathroom when I’m coloring hair too.”

Image: bearwytch

#6. “Don’t be suspicious don’t be suspicious” – Bandit knows he’s not supposed to be on top of the tank & he has brought a bunch of papers with him to play with ????

Image: B1s3xualCranberry

#7. “Yuki monching the foster cat Willow unprovoked”


#8. “She knows he hates him and likes to rub it in his face.”

Image: windshadowislanders

#9. “Willow thinks getting a view of the birds is more important than her owners getting their deposit back”

Image: nnonnewtonian

#10. “My asshole cat, sitting his ass on my other asshole cat.”

Image: ssnakemann

#11. “My cat’s new favorite hobby is crawling behind the couch and scratching me through this tiny opening”

Image: nosleepnatalie

#12. “Any cat is like my cat who can sit on everything?”

Image: davidnburgess34

#13. “What I get for trying to save him from the landlord’s doggo”

Image: CyanideAddictionXXX

#14. Poor the owner!

Image: MrsMcFeely5

#15. Oh… no….

Image: danganronpahoee

#16. “He knocked over the lamp and settled on the TV…”

Image: arabellashungry

#17. “I wasn’t giving her attention so she tore the page of a book I was reading while I was flipping it”

Image: kweenllama

#18. “Sorry, papa. I broke it when I was trying to catch the flies. But don’t worry, I’ll tidy them up!

Image: Jumpy_Inspector_

#19. “He can read. He just chooses not to follow directions”

Image: sharkbait_oohaha

#20. Luna loves playing ‘hide and seek’

Image: cbitguru

#21. “We put our fat cat on a diet for about a week now. Today we found his old food knocked over in the laundry room so he could eat freely from it.”


#22. “I just cleaned him up 5 minutes ago.”

Image: saintash

#23. “He broke his tooth while biting me. So hurt!!!”

Image: hoangdl

#24. “Being an jerk…to his own tail…”

Image: zanlet

#25. “Casually chomps his brother’s tail. He brother was on my lap. He wanted to be on my lap.”

Image: zanlet

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