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30 Cats’ Grumpy Moments Will Make Your Day

Like us humans, cats have various emotions too. They can be very happy when you feed them, very cuddly when they get comfy, and very angry when things don’t go their way. Be a wise owner and know when to back off from these bad boys so that you don’t get yourself scratched and bitten. Just wait for the right time to give it a treat, and you’ll end up rubbing belly in no time! Scroll down for a some pictures of cats’ grumpy moments.

H/t: Purrworld

#1 “Get your knife, hooman! Do you expect me to be a fruit ninja?!”

#2 “MY COUCH!”

#3 “Lemme guess. You’re uploading it to Instagram again…”

#4 “Why are you always on that damn phone? Get the dryer!”

#5 Not exactly grumpy, but unimpressed.

#6 Not in a talkative mood, it seems…

#7 “FEED ME!!!”

#8 “Watch where you’re going!”

#9 Is this an evil laugh or an angry roar? We can’t tell.

#10 “I need space!”

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