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17 Times Cats Prove You That They Are Made Of 0% Bones And 100% Liquids

Some of my favorite photos are cats fitting the shapes of their containers and squeezing into small spaces. Two days ago, when I was using Tiktok, I came across a video in which a cat passed through a narrow route between two walls. I was surprised not believing cats can be so flexible like that! However, when I google searched the reasons, I was totally persuaded. Researchers have suggested that cats have incredible innate flexibility and anatomy. “Their collar bones do not form joints with other bones, and their shoulders are attached only through muscular connections. Their super-elastic spine also contributes to cats’ liquid-like characteristics. Cats have more bones in their spines than humans, and each joint adds flexibility.” (Dr. Hanie Elfenbein, 2021). Therefore, they can easily mold to the shape of their container or squeeze into and through impossibly small spaces. You should know that cats are like liquids.

To further prove my opinion, I am going to show you seventeen photos of flexible cats. Take your time to enjoy them. We hope that this post will help you gain a little more knowledge and cheer you up to start your day!

#1. “I don’t normally get scared of cats, but EEK!”

Image: cats_are_liquid

#2. How they could be so flexible!?

Image: cats_are_liquids

#3. “Hi, how do I look?”

Image: cats_are_liquids

#4. “I put this carton and went out to check my phone for a while, then when I came back I was surprised to see my cat like this😨😳🤪”

Image: cats_areliquid

#5. That’s so funny!

Image: cats_are_liquids

#6. “This is my bed now. I love it!”

Image: LisabethHiser

#7. Liquid goes in a glass, this glass has a cat in it. Further proof that cats are liquids


#8. LOL!!!

Image: Economy-Risk3869

#9. Incredible!

Image: rxcdt

#10. “Hi mama, it’s me in your bowl. Don’t eat me. “

Image: AshelyBarlett

#11. “I found a weird, oversized furry snake with ears”

Image: BigBlackCough

#12. “My cat, Mint, somehow fitting in a baguette basket?

Image: meg_muz

#13. “My drink fits perfectly in the cup holders”

Image: cunny_juice

#14. “Cats are liquid and can also be 2D “

Image: Traditional-Funny777

#15. I wonder how he can jump inside the bottle…

Image: cats_are_liquid

#16. “Hello, world!”

Image: cats_are_liquids

#17. Look at this cat. He can drip through the hole in his tower. Impressive!


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