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Mischievous Dog Plays Hide And Seek In Her Food Bin

Our dogs are affectionate, smart, and sometimes mischievous. These adorable furry guys can sometimes cause trouble and give their owners nearly a heart attack. Doodle, the cute dog in this story does the same. She plays hide and seek in her food container, making her mom think that she has gone missing.

Doodle is an active and happy dog. She has endless love for food, becoming obsessed with it. When her parents do not keep an eye on her, she will carry out her food-stealing jobs from her food bin.

The dog finds it so exciting to do that job. She even stays here and plays hide and seek with her mom. But she never thinks that this scares the living life out of her mom. She can’t find Doodle.

One day, When Doodle’s mom, Stenzel was doing laundry, she couldn’t spot Doddle at any place inside the house.

Stenzel searched everywhere for Doodle, running all around the house, from top to bottom. But she couldn’t find her dog and started thinking that Doodle was at a loss.

But suddenly, Stenzel heard a crunching sound that led her to Doodle’s food container.

“I knew that crunching sound was her but I didn’t know where it was initially coming from,” Stenzel said.

The dog was caught red-handed stealing and eating food inside. She did it happily until her mom appeared and stood in front of her.

As soon as Doodle saw her mom, she knew she was in trouble. But it was worth trying. The dog got her belly filled after her nut-stealing job. If her mom hadn’t found her, she may have never stopped eating.

“She knew she got caught so when that happens she puts her ears back and it makes her look like Dobby the house elf of ‘Harry Potter,’” Stenzel said.

To prevent Doodle from hiding and stealing food without a hint, her parents got a lock. And this made the mischievous dog disappointed. But she losses her favorite job. And this turns out to be incredibly hilarious and adorable.

Do you love the adorable sneaky Doodle? If yes, just share it with family and friends. It will add more colors to your Monday!

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