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Meet Bishop Gaylord, The Cute Cat Who Loves Dressing Up

As cat owners, we know that cats absolutely hate dressing up. But the cat Bishop Gaylord in this post is different. He enjoys dressing up and it’s one of his favorite things. Scroll down below to know more about this cute tabby cat and see his cute and funny photos!

“Eight years ago I agreed to get a family cat. One of my three daughters was not keen on the idea so since she had to live with it she got to choose one she could possibly tolerate. This led us to shelters, pet stores and online adds with no luck,” Bishop Gaylord said.

“One day I saw a flyer for free kittens on a street corner and called the number then we went out to look. To my horror it let us right n the middle of a hoarders home. Reeking of cat urine and body odor we noticed nine cats chained to the wall and a cage full of kittens. The man was being evicted and the cats he couldn’t fine homes were going to the shelter.

“I thought for sure my child would not want any cat from here. The man opened the cage reached in and pulled out the sweetest fluffiest pom pom of kitten and put it in her arms. She instantly cringed and past it back.”

“He popped it back in the cage and proceeded to reach under a cat and pulled out this long mangy tabby and gave it to my child. To my surprise she said “This one”. We named him Bishop Gaylord meaning spirited overseer.”

“The first time I noticed he was different is two weeks in to adjusting to his new home and three new sisters. I peeked in on the girls one night and bishop was at the end of the bed wearing a silk nightie. He constantly followed the girls around and was interested in whatever they were doing. If they were posing for pictures he wanted to as well.”

Here are some cute photos of Bishop Gaylord!

Watch his videos here:

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