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Beagle Becomes Surrogate Mom Of Two Kittens And Nurses Them Like They Are Her Own Babies

Meet Daisy, one-year-old beagle who lives in Staplehurst, Kent along with owner Jane Whitton and two kittens named Fletcher and Dexter, who have recently moved into her family.

When Jane brought the 9-week-old kittens home, Daisy instantly fell in love with them. At first, she just acted like a playmate, but after a few days of being with the kittens, she decided to become their surrogate mom and raise them as her own.

‘When we brought them home, she was very bouncy, very bouncy and excited at her new friends. She’s grown up with cats but kittens were a whole new thing for her,’ Jane said.

Fletcher and Dexter love Daisy as much as she loves them, and they think that she is their real mom, too. The bond between them is so strong that Daisy’s body even started producing milk to nurse the pair.

Jane couldn’t believe her eyes because Daisy has never given birth to her own litter. However, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t make a good mother.

Daisy shows off all her maternal instincts that she never got to use before. She always runs after Fletcher and Dexter to protect, groom, and bathe them. She does everything she can to ensure her babies are safe and happy.

“Daisy is basically like their mum,’ she added. ‘They’re best friends, they spend all of their time together. If any other dog goes near the kittens, Daisy gets really protective and will get between them. She’s their protector and surrogate mum.”

Watch their full story in the video below:

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