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Cute Tiny Kitten Shows Her Dad Love By Giving Him Lots Of Kisses

Meet Honey, a cute kitten who is obsessed with her dad. She often tells how much she loves him love by giving him kisses and hugs every day. She also loves to interact and play with him all day.

Honey is a bit shy towards people, but she is still very affectionate to her beloved dad. She will always be close and usually lays down next to her dad with her paws on his arm.

Wherever she goes, she spreads love around, so it’s hard not to feel loved when Honey is around. Who can’t say “No” to this little cutie? No one! Once she climbs to your shoulder, we are sure that your heart will absolutely melt.

Watch the cute video here:

Here’s how people are reacting to the video:

“A full grown man with a beard, playing with a kitten, whom gives little nibbles. This is literally what women dream of at night.”

“I’m in love with that fuzzy thing… and the kitty too.”

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