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Meet Pearl, The Grouchy-Looking Cat That Supervises Watermelon Farm In Thailand

We all love sweet and cute cats, but grumpy cats also win over our hearts and make us go aww. Although they look unhappy or irritable, there is something special about them that we can’t resist. That’s the reason why when we met a grumpy cat named Pearl, we couldn’t get enough of his angry look and decided to introduce him to our readers.

Pearl is a male cat who lives happily with his owner in Thailand. People call him the newest grumpy cat and even say he looks angrier than his famous predecessor Grumpy Cat. If you don’t believe, just have a glimpse of this angry-looking but adorable feline.

Pearl the cat has an important job of guarding a watermelon farm. He is an experienced supervisor who has been guarding the farm for almost 6 years. He guards over the delicious watermelons and makes sure no one lays a hand on them until they pay for them.

Watch Pearl’s video here:

Pearl is on his way to the shift at the watermelon farm

Before getting your hands on the fruit, you must face the stare of Pearl.

No one would dare cross a cat with such a penetrating gaze.

Pearl’s owner is happy to have such a sweet, grumpy-looking assistant. Despite his grumpy look, he is the sweetest and cutest little boy in the village.

Pearl is making sure that everyone is working hard

It’s not surprising that Pearl is taking the internet by storm and is capturing the hearts of internet users around the world.

Pearl is watching over his watermelons

Pearl is counting his watermelons

It’s time to relax!

Sitting like a human

 Pearl is resting after a long day of work

Pearl and his fans

He is waiting for his dinner

Pearl is not impressed with his meal

Pearl loves exploring and even enjoys canoe rides.

Pearl on duty

If you love Pearl, you can follow him on Facebook page and Youtube channel to see more his photos and videos. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family members!

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