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30 Photos Of Sweet Cats With Their Adorable Curled Paws

Nobody can deny that cats are adorable any way they come. That’s the reason why when you see cute little kittens with their tiny curled paws, your heart can’t stop melting. They are so adorable that you will want to pick them up and cuddle with them forever.

Although cats often refuse to let people see their paws, there are some cats who are willing to let their humans capture their cute paws on camera. If you also love cat paws, scroll down to see our collection of kitties and their adorable curled feet below.

1. These humans heard noises coming from their cabinets.

2. This is a ninja cat in training. Even in his sleep, he’s still practicing his moves.

3. Those upside down curled feet look convincing.

4. Poise

5. This cat is curling those feet like she didn’t want anyone to see them.

6. Warming those curled feet

7. Hypnotizing cat

8. This adorable cat spent years in a shelter. Now, he can happily curl his cute feet in his forever home.

9. Duke the cat

10. This is probably one of the happiest cats you’ll see.

11. The young cat

12. A cat or a shrimp?

13. Underneath

14. This cat is super sweet.

15. This cat is an expert when it comes to curled feet.

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