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20 Of The World’s Angriest Cats Ever Who Have Simply Had Enough Of Your BS

Cats scheming to take over the world isn’t some huge secret, however, it’s often hidden behind adorable big eyes or purring. Some cats, however, don’t even bother to hide their plans as you can see from these photos below.

From cats who are obviously judging you, to fiery felines who are totally and utterly sick of your BS, Bored Panda has found the world’s angriest cats for your viewing pleasure.

However, despite their irritated faces, they are all still some of the most darling little fur-babies!

1. This one is cute!

2. That first picture just screams – “Whaddya mean I can’t haz a thigh?”

3. Nah, this one is so cute to be angry 🙂

4. “C’mon we talked ’bout this before” he says..

5. You disgust me…

6. Just found out his Amazon order for a winter coat will be arriving in Spring

7. I wonder if he ate too many ‘Angry Birds”

8. Monday morning summed up in one picture

9. Chewbacca as a child

10. “Freeeeezing, lemme go, lemme goooo”

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