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17 Cats And Dogs Who Are So Proud They Have Best Brothers, Friends And Family

Animals are actually the most loving creatures on Earth. They never know how to betray, to commit intolerable crimes, but love us with their whole heart. If you are owning a cat or a dog, you should know you mean the world to your pets. And as these furry friends have their pure minds and hearts, it comes as no surprise that they can love all of other living things.

On Reddit, there is a place we think that any animal lover should visit every time they are online on this social channel. In this heart-warming corner, people are sharing pictures of animals (mostly their cats and dogs) being so proud and happy to stay beside their animal friends, brothers, and families. In this post, we would like to introduce to you the seventeen most inspirational photos. “Love comes from all shapes and sizes”, and we hope that you can feel it in these seventeen pictures!

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#1. “My dogs Pietà (left) and Dolore (right) sleeping with my pet goose Giorgio MastrOca after they literally wrecked my home playing.”

Image source: MercilessIdiot

#2. “Calf smoochies is the best!!”

Image source: Next-Caterpillar-393

#3. “My sister’s puppy decided to befriend the cat”

Image source: jake54777

#4. “Hi, the horse, long time no see, I miss you a lot!”

Image source: meowroarhiss

#5. “Hello, this is my deerest friend. Hehe I am so happy to have him!”

Image source: Next-Caterpillar-393

#6. “Happiest picture I have seen in a while. Can you see the happiness in this picture?”

Image source: InternetSweetLife8019

#7. “It’s a hard life being loved….”

Image source: urlordcov

#8. “Come on, I’ll help you mah friend”

Image source: ExpertAccident

#9. “My dog helps me rescue cats. This is Hawkeye and Larry, my foster fail. How could I split them up?”

Image source: paperwasp3

#10. “This is my little brother. Being a big sis is never easy but I love it so much. I am always here to care for my brother!”

Image source: noscud205

#11. “My cat telling my dog secrets. Only they can know. I know nothing about their secrets…”

#12. My heart falls for it!

Image source: sipthestreets

#13.”Been dealing with long haulers for the last 3 months. My little pack have become my fretting nurses. Had to lay on the ground a few days ago since I had a round of feeling too tired to walk. These Haggis and Nuggie came over immediately and laid with me til I got up.”

Image source: Desilyna-

#14. “I was worried Waffle would scare off the new kitten, but Sam loves the belly nibbles. They’re besties now.”

#15. “Alice found the creek. Cooper tried to help her out.”

Image source: asylumchoir

#16. “Bongo and Rooster sharing some watermelon”

Image source: DJnoJams

#17. “Chicken befriended kittens and now shares a bed with them”

Image source: Adrian3412

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