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Airplanes Drop Tons Of Vegetables Feeding Survived Animals Starving From The Bushfires

While bushfires keep menacing the country, Australians have found an innovative way to aid the survivors in terms of food. In particular, officials are using helicopters to drop tons of vegetables to supply starving animals that made it through the fire.

Tons kilograms of carrots in prepared

The campaign led in New South Wales National Parks aims to feed the remaining population of marsupials. Up to now, over 2,200 kilograms of fresh vegetables are dropped.

In an interview, Matt Kean, the New South Wales Environment Minister, claimed that the ravage of bushfires took away not only the lives of billions of critters but also their food source. Those who fled from the flame are now facing the new threat of starvation. Thus, the officials create this Operation Rock Wallaby mission.

Cloudy with a chance of carrot

According to many locals, while wallabies are the most affected creatures, koalas are proceeding to the endangered list.

A wallaby received its food

In the meantime, the rescue part conducted by residents does bring significant support. People in the area open their home to wild animals. They supply food and makeshift for the habitat while others cover the medical business.

Though the ordeal has been put off to a large degree, the consequences are so dishearting. This veggie operation just does a little part of saving and still seek more contribution from the community.

A large portion of kangaroos is now is ashes

Recently, several jets have been sent off to make cloudy with a chance of carrots and potatoes. Let’s hope and pray and put more effort into a more optimistic future.

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