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15 Weird Dogs Who Will Do What Other Dogs Won’t Do, And That’s So Hilarious!

While most of the dogs love to go out, eat chicken, get petted, and end sleep on their comfortable beds, there are several dogs who don’t like to do the same. Instead, they love to eat paper, sleep on the grass, sit on their other friends, or stay at home all day. Even the owners who spend the most time with them can’t understand what’s inside their pet’s mind. No matter what, we, as dog persons, all love these furry friends including weird ones.

The following are fifteen ‘special’ dogs who love to go against the rules of life. Want to know what they often do? Let’s scroll down and see them in the fifteen pictures below! We hope that you will have a good time with these cute animals and their lovely behaviors!

#1. “Emily the strange… from 3 months to 11 months, still spends a lot of time on her head!”

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CHUZRACAa4J/

#2. “The weekend is **just** within our reaches, much like the paper towel I’m obsessed with trying to get here, because paper towels are mysteriously yummy to me!”

Source: the.amazing.eskies

#3. “I’m not sure… I don’t… I can’t…I’m just… Speechless… sleepy…”

Source: rex_the_ambully

#4. “🤔🤪I’ll just lie like this for a bit. What, it’s comfy!🤪🤔”

Source: x.orla.17.3.20.x

#5. Notice the way she sleeps!

Source: ahallharley

#6. Look at how he sits lol!

Source: Reddit

#7. “I must sleep in grass. The bed is no. Grass is yes.”

Source: Changed_L8r

#8. “My friend loves to eat human feet, and that’s weird!”

Source: grichardson526

#9. “Oh, flowers so yummy. This is my food now!”

Source: caninaco

#10. “Anyone else sleep in weird places and/or with their eyes open? 😴😮 One of my favourite places to sleep is behind our wood burning stove (which we no longer use). Mom says I’m a weird dog but she loves me anyways.”

Source: lily.white.2017

#11. What was the tongue for?

Source: harley_boxerdog

#12. “I am not sitting in the wrong position. It’s him who lies in the wrong spot”

Source: Partyingmanbear

#13. “Do I care that I’m standing on mom’s hair? Nope! Does she? Yup! Too bad… “

Source: heykirbydog

#14. “Gracie is one of those weird dogs who absolutely loves to wear clothes. I think she likes her Christmas present :,)”

Source: Additional_Ad_8859

#15. “My new dog acts weird, jumps on me all the time. Please advise!”

Source: mydogismysoulmate

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