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Owners Are Sharing Pictures Of Their Pets Getting Wet After Bath, And It Turns Out They Look So Cute

Pets, such as cats and dogs, are just like us, needing to take baths regularly. However, not all pets are quite happy with that. While dogs seem to enjoy dipping their body in the water, cats turn out to be afraid when it comes to bath time. However, sometimes, things go differently. There are some dogs who can’t get used to the water, and, also, there are cats who love to swim and get wet!

No matter how they turn out to be, these furry friends are so sweet and adorable at all times. On Instagram, these owners are sharing their pets getting wet after baths, and it turns out that they look just so cute! Let’s scroll down to see their different reactions when they see water! We do hope that you love these photos and these lovely angels! Enjoy!

#1. “This is how I came home from swimming in the pond, the other day near my home 😉 have a nice Sunday my friends”

Source: pukkieslife

#2. “Mommy, why am I feeling so strange?

Source: dzimitry_novikov

#3. “Willow was such a peach for ~most~ of her oatmeal bath and blueberry facial 🍑 “

Source: barkbus

#4. Cat be like: “Nooooooo!!!!!”

Source: gangkaithecat

#5. So sweet!

Source: knutschkugel_chico

#6. “I took the opportunity for a dive on this rainy Sunday. 😁🐶”

Source: maltipoo__toby

#7. “I’m taking bath….meow”

Source: lovebaybayc

#8. “Why are you looking at me like that? Because I am so cute?”

Source: magda_wolf_cub

#9. Aww I love her in this look!

Source: mitsy_bell

#10. “I hate water!”

Source: bye.sickrabbi

#11. “Just fell in the big white tub, I don’t get why humans like it”

Source: twm.cat

#12. She seems to enjoy the bath, right?

Source: myongyee

#13. “I can’t stop love her!!”

Source: mouqueen

#14. “Top tip: get as dirty as you like, then as long as you swim or play in the sea afterwards, your Bosses won’t even notice!”

Source: maui_the_redninja

#15. “But I had a bath last month!?”

Source: cinnamon_of_california

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