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20 Times Cats Show Funny Reactions While Their Owners Are Putting Things On Them

Just ask some cat owners and they will tell you at least dozens of reasons why you should have a cat for yourself. Cats are so adorable, sweet, and funny. Sometimes their curiosity can be a big issue to owners, but we can not get mad at these cute angels either.

In this Reddit community, people are sharing the most hilarious pictures of their cats with stuff. While many cats are surprised to get something strange on their bodies, other friends show their excitement and soon get used to their new toys. Here are the twenty funniest photos that we have collected to entertain you today. We hope that you will have a good time laughing over the cuteness that our furry friends bring to you.

Now, let’s enjoy!

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#1. “What are you looking at? Look at me!!!”

Image: psynotik

#2. “It’s my pleasure to serve you, Sir!”

Image: LabRatzz

#3. “Awwww OMG, what is it?”

Image: ShapeShiftingCats

#4. “One.. two… three… four… five…six..seven…eight…nine… What do you want me to do with these nine sticks, human?”

Image: MyCatHomer

#5. “Becky had to be put down this morning. She used to play with my nail file all the time, but was confused when I put it on her head.”

Image: PeacefulFriend

#6. “oh, she was not happy”

Image: gero_the_hero_

#7. “He has learned to accept the egg”

Image: comradequicken

#8. “W..w..what’s on my head?”

Image: Herobrine5921

#9. He is like “can’t believe he can enjoy the friend he’s spent 2 years living with!!!”

Image: doghaircut

#10. “I don’t want to play anymore”

Image: Kellogz456

#11. “Who am I? Where is this?”

Image: Mockbubbles2628

#12. “I don’t like them at all”

Image: missmouse_812

#13. “I am so tired with my human, so tired with this world! Haiz… let me alone!”

Image: bibasik7

#14. “I was defeated by the string mlem mlem”

Image: pastureraised

#15. “She has become patient in her old age”

Image: chrissxerunner

#16. “The accountant is up to her neck in disorganized receipts and sick of people not doing their job! 😆”

Image: otlaurie77

#17. “Wow, what are these things? I haven’t seen before, I love them!”

Image: Coin_Gekko45

#18. That’s so funny!

#19. “Stripy with a ball of felted down fur from brushing her on her head”

Image: SensitivePassenger

#20. “He doesn’t really enjoy his bandanna”

Image: laia666

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