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Smart Dog Sniffs Out One Of Her Christmas Presents And Immediately Opens It Up

Some dogs are a little naughty but are very adorable and smart. That’s why their owners can never stay mad at their trouble and “petty” crimes. These furry guys know that their family truly loves them, and will forget their misbehavior sometimes.

Hemi, the playful and adorable dog in this story is an example. The dog sniffs out one of her Christmas presents from the pile, steals, and immediately opens it up.

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Hemi is basically the princess of her family. Her parents give her everything she wants. She is a literally loved dog. And of course, she gets presents for Christmas.

But the mischievous dog couldn’t wait to unwrap her presents. She sprang into action. She walked around the house to figure out where her presents were hidden.

Hemi made a good job. She sniffed out one of her presents from the pile. She unwrapped it immediately. Not just that, the sneaky dog hid with the present so that she could play without her family knowing what she’d done.

“The presents were hidden in our room covered with our kids’ presents in the corner,” Kim Hutchinson, Hemi’s mom, told The Dodo. “She would [have] had to go through quite a lot to get to hers.”

But not long after, the dog was caught red-handed. The reason is that her present (the toy) had a squeaker inside. But the dog couldn’t hide her happiness when opening her gift. It’s a worth-trying job.

Even though Hemi wasn’t supposed to unwrap her new toy until Christmas Day, her parents forgave her. They were all impressed by how determined, very patient, and very sneaky she had been.

The mischievous girl successfully brought smiles and laughs to her family. Everyone gets their way to get into the Christmas spirit. Hemi does, too. She chooses to discover her presents before the holiday.

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