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20 Dogs Who Love Their Humans And Get Mad At Them At The Same Time

What do you often do to show your love and affection? I guess most of the answers would be giving kisses, hugging, having some cuddles. Yes, those are common ways for us to show love to other people. However, in some cases, love can also be expressed through… anger! Imagine when you are in a relationship, you often get mad at your boyfriend, even for the smallest things that he did and upset you. Why? Because you want to get attention and care. These dogs are the same. They are angry at their humans as they want to be loved and cared for. If your dogs are getting mad at you, don’t be mad at them back. Maybe you have ignored them for a while! Dogs are friendly angels who will never be angry at you for no reason.

Now, let’s scroll down to see our twenty pictures of dogs getting mad at owners because of particular reasons. Leave a comment if your dogs can relate!

#1. “I was cleaning my dog bed by shaking it out the window when I lost hold of it now look at it 😕 and dog mad at me”

Image: hippychick115

#2. “I came home from my walk, and caught my dog glaring at me through the window. He looks mad.”

Image: 619rebel

#3. “For my cake day, here is my dog Bootsy being mad at me for making him wear booties.”

Image: Dontneedanything

#4. “This is my dog when he gets mad at me for not letting him to sniff me”

Image: yassinebro

#5. “My dog, when he’s mad at me for crating him”

Image: Pbguy35

#6. “Vicious dogs…right… Love the kitty! ❤️ I should have closed the door but I didn’t want to get Natalia (void) mad at me or Whiskey!”

Image: stephm22

#7. “I took the cushions off my couch, my dog is a bit mad at me”

Image: purritolover69

#8. “My dog is mad at me for bathing her”

Image: Jww1255

#9. “Don’t know why he doesn’t want to look at me”

Image: joepozowicz

#10. Haha, I know the reason!

Image: wetheangela

#11. “My dog got grooming and now he’s mad at me”

Image: andy_mulak

#12. “I’m watching my boss’ dog right now. I got mad and yelled at my video game and he came up to me and did this.”

Image: Reddit

#13. “I have to follow the rule…. So here is a pic of my pupper being mad at me for petting my friend’s dog”

Image: Screamang_trash

#14. “Mad at me for giving her a bath (AFTER an hour of dog park play time)”

Image: KrasMeow

#15. “Reddid got mad at me here’s the drip dog again”

Image: Angrypuglilo

#16. “My Mom always tries so hard to get a good photo of her dog. She got mad at me when I took a random shot and she turned her head right in that moment to look where I was.”

Image: BavarianCoconut

#17. “Don’t touch my ball!”

Image: blackcolourvibes

#18. “That looks when you are hungry and waiting for so long!!!! of course its Tuesday!!!”

Image: imahappypet

#20. “My dog (Garnet) is watching me eat a sandwich. She’s not happy about it”

Image: MansionsOfRest

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