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Dog Zappa, Real-Life Version Of Sid From ‘Ice Age’, Certainly Amazes You With His Hilarious And Incredible Pictures

Have you ever watched Ice Age movies? If yes, you should know about Sid – a talkative protagonist who suffers from a lateral lisp. People love this animated character so much due to his cute (and entertaining) appearance, with ping-pong ball-like eyes, a button nose, buck teeth, and whitish-yellow fur. While it is clear that Sid is just a product of the imagination, there are chances that it accidentally looks like a real-life being.

There is an Instagram account ‘the_real_zappa’ with pictures of Italian greyhound Zappa, who, as commented, is a real-life double of Sid. These photos immediately go viral after they have been shared on the Internet. The social communities have left thousands of comments, saying they are interested to see a real-life version of their favorite virtual character.

Now, let’s meet Zappa, the little puppy I guess all of you are curious about!

Watch more on Instagram.

1.  Can anyone tell me who is real Sid?

2. How they can be so identical?

3. Game: Find the difference in this picture. Start!

4. It’s so cute and fun that I can’t stop looking at it!

5. He is sweetheart Zappa that will steal your heart in seconds.

6. Your friend is just as quirky

7. He loves wearing shirt!

8. In this post he looks just like little talkative Sid!

9. He enjoys adventures!

10. Zappa is also a lover of selfies!

11. He loves sunbath!

12. The red color highlights his eccentric eyes.

13. Zappa is a whirlwind of energy

14. He is just too adorable!

15. He makes the best cosplay in the region!


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