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Playful Baby Elephant Spotted Pressing Her Human Friend To The Ground To Hug Him

Do you meet or befriend someone that is cheerful and energetic all the time? They don’t hesitate to express their affection for you or anyone that they like. They just want you to know that you are loved and find it happy to do this. It’s sad but true that we, adults, are not good at this while kids and animals are masters.

And, Tara, the adorable baby elephant in this story uses the same way to greet her human friend. The little girl couldn’t be happier to see her new friend, so she does something amazing for him. She is ready to cuddle.

When the friendly, playful calf hears Arthur (name of the man) called her, she immediately headed to his arms. That was not all. She pressed her friend to the ground to hug him and fall on top of him.

The little elephant weighed between 200-260 pounds at that time and the man couldn’t fight back. Tara thought it was a fun game, so she couldn’t stop hugging her friend.

Those adorable and hilarious moments were captured at the Patara Elephant Farm where Tara was living. Seeing the funny act of the little elephant, nearby tourists and staff of the farm all burst out laughing.

You can watch the video below!

Regarding Arthur, he also giggled so hard. His mischievous friend made his day. But of course, he needed help in order not to become the mattress for his friend.

The baby elephant then stepped back but she kept patting and rubbing her friend. Who can’t stay mad at this sweet disturbance?

Patara Elephant Farm is quite different from other elephant parks in Thailand. They focus on the health care and breeding management of this species. The “Elephant Owner for a Day” program that they organize is so interesting. It allows visitors to have hands-on experience with the elephants living here. Specifically, they are instructed to care for, groom, feed, and even ride elephants.

H/T: Dailybbnews

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