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Rare Pictures Show Unlikely Friendship Between Bear And Wolf In Wild Finland

The wildlife photographer Lassi Rautiainen managed to capture heart-warming pictures deep in the wildness of northern Finland. The footage reveals a very unlikely friendship between two of the most ferocious predators of the European forests.

“No-one can know exactly why or how the young wolf and bear became friends,” said Lassi. “I think that perhaps they were both alone and they were young and a bit unsure of how to survive alone. It seems to me that they feel safe being together.”

The 56-year-old photographer has dedicated his career exploring the wildlife of Finland. His goal is to bring people closer to the nature. With all his work including pictorials, articles and books, Lassi wants to demonstrate the beauty of nature and to make people to understand they are actually safe in the wilds.

Using his impressive work, he wants people to experience the beauty of the “big five”, and to share his respect for these animals. On his latest project, Lassi has striven to eradicate distorted myths and to emphasise the sheer beauty of Finland’s large carnivores.

Thanks to his dedication, thins have changed nowadays around Wildlife Lassi Rautiainen’s photo locations and general acceptance of wildlife. The tourism has dramatically spread, too!

“It’s very unusual to see a bear and a wolf getting on like this” Lassi Rautiainen told the Daily Mail. “From what I could find, it’s actually the first time, at least in Europe, where such a friendship was developed.”

Credit: Lassi Rautiainen.

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