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Elephant Herd Get Super Excited To Welcome Rescued Baby Elephant

Nothing is better than a warm welcome when we get into a new environment. It can make newbies less anxious and have a good impression of the new place. For those who have gone through bad things in the past, the friendliness and hospitability of the new acquaintances may warm their hearts. Some even feel like they finally find a cozy family which is full of love, care, and kindness.

This also happens to animals, guys. Dok Gaew the rescued baby elephant almost bursts into tears on the warm welcome of the adult elephant herd at the park.

Elephants are known as incredibly intelligent, sensitive, and social animals. These adorable giants harbor a warm heart and do not hesitate to spread love and care to humans and animals around them. It’s not strange to see an adult elephant snuggling upon its human friend and giving him comfort. How sweet these huge creatures are!

And, it’s a pure and touching moment when an elephant herd runs excitedly to say hello to a 2-year-old orphaned elephant, a new member of their community. It went beyond the expectation of the staff at the park. Animals truly do this better than humans.

This was probably the happiest day in Dok Gaew’s life. The reserved baby elephant was warmly welcomed and accepted by its herd. He steps closer to the new chapter of his life. A happy family with amazing people.

When the video of the welcome was shared on social media, it went viral. We, humans, admire the kindness of the elephant herd for the motherless elephant calf.

Kindness and empathy can turn this world a better place. If you are looking for something positive in these uncertain days, just give this article a look. Soften your heart and fill it with love.

H/T: Homesluxury

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