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Maciek The Rescued Snow Fox Can’t Hide His Excitement To See Snow For The First Time

Many animals have endless love for snow. They can’t hide their excitement to see snow falling. I’ve seen an adorable video of a husky saying no to his mom when she asked him to go inside during snowfall. He loved the snow so bad and found it ok to stay in the snow. What a lovely boy!

Image Credits: Instagram/@psubraty.azyl

And, Maciek the rescued snow fox in this story is also a fan of snow. He kept smiling happily with his tongue sticking out. He seems to find the right place where he belongs to.

Actually, Maciek was a bit hesitant to encounter the snow at first. He got one of his legs amputated because of a severe injury without veterinary care. But when his dog friend Klara showed him that snow is so much fun, he joined. And, the adorable animal kept running back and forth with a happy smile on his face.

It’s easy to understand why Macuek loves now. He is a polar fox.

Maciek was spotted and rescued from a fur farm by activists from Otwarte Klatki (Open Cages Poland) in September of 2019.

The poor animal was then transferred to a home sanctuary and has been living then since then. Although the staff and doctors tried their best to save his leg, they couldn’t. But Maciek was born a sassy and playful boy. The loss of one leg doesn’t stop him from enjoying his life and discovering the world outside.

Just look at the way he plays during the snow. He loved chasing after his dog friend Klara.

See more photos of the adorable fox below!

If you love this cute snow fox, just share the story with your family and friends. Foxes are smart, adorable, and affectionate.

H/T: Boredpanda

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