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African Rain Frog, An Adorable Black Frog With A Frowning Face

It’s not strange to see a cat with an angry or sad face. They seem to be “grumpy” all the time with every people they meet, even their owners. But this does not refer to their personalities. They are still adorable and affectionate. The structure of the face just makes them look different from other cats. And, people can’t get enough of this cute contrast.

Image credits: Delport Botma

This also happens with the frogs, guys, African rain frogs, for example. These black frogs always wear a frown, making them conspicuous in their colony.

Image credits: 22sect

Their frowning face doesn’t mean that they are actually disappointed or sad. It’s just how they look.

Image credits: weshalljoinourhouses

Some people say that these African rain frogs look like angry avocadoes. Do you agree?

Another feature that makes a name for these frogs is their ferocious roar. They tend to be more aggressive, puffing up and enlarging their bodies when facing disturb or threat.

Image credits: DamianVanAswegen

Image credits: thewondersofthenatrual

African rain frogs are a burrowing species. They enjoy buried in sand dunes all day.

This species is endemic to a small coastal strip of land between the African countries of Namibia and South Africa.

Image credits: thewondersofthenatrual

Image credits: critter_friend_facts

Image credits: Pedrica1

They are found on the southern slopes of the Cape Fold Belt in South Africa, at elevations of up to over 3,300ft (1,000m). These frowning animals live in fynbos and forest fringes.

Image credits: pleasemyavocadoitssosad

Female African rain frogs are active during mating season. They produce a sticky substance on their back called adhesive amplexus. This helps to prevent the males from falling off.

Image credits: amgry.frog

Watch the video of this angry frog below.

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