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Meet Wire-tailed Manakin, A Stunningly Beautiful Tiny Bird With Yellow Face And Belly And Bright Red Crown

The wire-tailed manakin is a stunningly beautiful bird. This tiny fluffy creature is dyed with a beautiful yellow shade all over its face and belly. Its back, amazingly, is a spectacular black color, creating a striking contrast with its bright red crown.

Image Credits: Instagram/charmistead

Unlike male birds with gorgeous plumage, female Wire-tailed manakins have olive-green upper parts. Their yellow belly is also paler than males.

Image Credits: Instagram/ventsurmonvisage

Another feature to recognize two sexes is the tail. The male has a longer tail than that of the female.

Image Credits: Instagram/jewelsof_nature

You can watch the video of this striking bird below.

The Wire-tailed Manakin distributes in the western Amazon Basin, in Brazil and neighboring countries of northern Peru, eastern Ecuador, Colombia, and in the southern and western portions of Venezuela.

Image Credits: Instagram/avesdecolombiaft

This striking bird lives on the edge of humid, tropical forests, and clearings. It can also be found on the edge of agricultural land, especially near watercourses.

Image Credits: Instagram/campbellwildlife

Its main diets are fruit and berries. But this species also hunts small insects for food.

Male Wire-tailed manakins are polygamous. They find some partners during the mating season.

Image Credits:Instagram/birdslife124

Image Credits: Instagram/christiandalgasfrisch

Female birds build hammock-shaped nests on their own. This nest is in the small trees and is made from woven fibers and grass. They then lay 1-2 eggs and incubate them for 17-21 days. The hatchlings will be fed by their mothers until they are fully-fledged, 13-15 days.

Image Credits: Instagram/danielparent99

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